As I lie, thinking it over
How I need to keep holding on to you
As I try to understand clearly
How I make myself really hold on to you
I've got to dream on, I see the end coming
I feel like you're running away from me
It's just to keep on, keep playing the hunches
Realizing how much I can't let you go free
As I smile, I will keep making fences
I can see my defenses are setting a trap
In a while, I am lost in confusion
Held up by illusion that there is no gap
We've got to dream on, pretending we're loving
Rehearsing and shoving just to get our way
We've got to play on, silhouetting the feeling
we're hiding the meaning till a better day
I see you scared, I see you crying
You try to talk, but I think you're lying
You say I'm mean, take me out of context
You say you love, but what you want is sex
You're all tied up, you don't know your mind
You keep me away, give out the warning sign
I can't come close, you're off in the clouds
You plan your future, forgetting about now
Now I sigh, believing it's over
Hoping no one will ever know how I tried
In my mind, to find the solution
Without retribution to keep us alive
I've got to dream on, I'm hoping in magic
Avoiding the tragic that stays with me
Dream on, my fantasy kills me
I'm looking for thrills instead of at me



I walk the streets in evening, I am alone
I find myself remembering, of my home
I see the children playing
I see the people praying
I hear the voices saying, you are the time
I feel the world inside me, with all its wrong
I feel the pain that wants to, be released and gone
It's the sun and moon embracing
It's the fire below erupting
It's the end of all your striving
This time is you and you are the time
Words, when they are spoken
Remain and never get broken
They fly into the open
Become perpetual motion
I watch the faces passing, I see myself
I see the hope and longing, for love and wealth
It's the story in the making
It's the song about awakening
Keep the beast that needs the taming
This time is you and you are the time
I walk the streets in evening, I am alone
I find myself remembering, of my home
I see the children playing
I see the people praying
I hear the voices saying, you are the time







I'm in a posh, crowded restaurant with a friend. We notice two beautiful women sitting at a small table, opposite each other - white tablecloth, bent chrome and wood/wicker chairs. White atmosphere. Flowers and modern paintings. They finish and leave the restaurant.
We go over to their table, sit down, and we discover their unpaid check. I do nothing, but my friend takes it to the cashier and pays it. The women, however, come back for the check and are thrilled with discovering my friend's having paid it without knowing them or expecting anything in return. They become quite warm for that reason and make a big fuss over him.
Then, I'm standing in front of one of the women, and I can feel her body. The back of my hand is pressed into her thigh near her cunt, and I feel the exquisite lushness of her dress, the silkiness of her undergarments, and the softness of her leg. She doesn't seem to mind. I reach around and grab her ass with both hands - it feels luscious. My friend and I become completely involved with our women and unaware of each other. I don't know who this woman is. She remains passive.
Lover, where have you been?
I need to see you again
Lover, where have you been?


I've been searching, cause I've been hurting
I've been ruled by the force of evil
It keeps me struggling, keeps me staying away
But I've been learning to talk more kindly
I've been moved by the force of goodness
It keeps me able, keeps me grateful instead
It's not enough that I should care,
not enough that beware
It's not enough that should see,
not enough that I believe
I've been reaching from the darkness
I was caught by the force of evil
It keeps me lonely, keeps me only abused
Now I'm feeling, but I'm still needing
I've been called by the force of goodness
It feels inspired, but I'm still tired and worn
It's not enough to turn from fear,
not enough to have her near
It's not enough to be the one,
not enough to have her love
I've been looking to find my lover
I've been trapped by the force of evil
I think she's waiting, to fill my craving for love
But I've not found her, I'm not around her
I have turned to the force of goodness
To make me better, until I get her for real



You're right, to lie, to lie, to hide
React, and run, and run, and run
Wrong, it's wrong, so wrong, too wrong
Sit, sit down, and down, and down
Ordinary Mood
No time, to take, relate, frustrate
Find, again, again, again
Try to kill, to fight, to die
Silent shout, inside, inside
Ordinary Mood
Kind, you're kind, so kind, to me
Late, you're late, too late, for me
It's not so bad, so bad, so bad
Break, break up, and up, and up
Ordinary Mood
So try, again, again, again
Sort it out, devout, devour
Tired, I'm tired, so tired, I tried
Sit, sit down, and down, and down



I feel that I'm in misery
I wonder if I will ever get free
I see the bad news coming at me
It makes me want to be elsewhere
I lay around here all the time
I don't even know what's yours or mine
I try to see my face in the mirror and
Wonder why it can't be any clearer
I remind myself of the people I hate
They stay in my mind, till I can't relate
I know I can't stop what's gonna be coming
But I wish I could stop myself from running
I know my anger is killing us
I know it leaves you unable to trust
But on top of it all I don't think you're listening
You don't even give me the chance of expressing
I think that I could be alot stronger
I make the simplest thing take longer
I'm totally involved with me
And can't be bothered about what I can't see
My day goes by it seems like a minute
Most of the time I'm not even in it
And when I finally hit reality
I can never remember what I finally see
There's nothing that you can do for me
Except to let me be
And try to find the words to say
What's really going on your way
Take the time to put aside
All the bullshit that we can't hide
And let my world exist for me
Give me love not sympathy
Fear Trust Gossip News
Crisis Adventure Reality Fantasy













The daylight comes and the daylight goes
Lights the way for the one who knows
Calls the name of the one who sees
To let go of strife, learn how to be
We can't tell where the circle begins
It takes the effort of a hundred men
To free the prisoner left within
To open the gates to the present
I leave behind the passion play
I fall behind the worldly way
I enter the space of time with no end
I see the burning child of man
Time can change me without my say
Earth can learn to find the day
When essence reaches into the pool
Of life within the Earthly school
It's the feeling
the wanting
the striving
It's the waiting
the calling
the hoping
It's the planning
the getting
the taking
It's not releasing
My brother tells me of his pain
He reaches down to tell again
Of future times when all will be
Released and balanced like the sea
So as we sit and for the future wait
We miss the present inside the gate
We keep the heaven from the hell
We divide and go where we cannot tell



IN © 1997 Twenty-Two Records / Lost Count Music
All rights reserved.