FUNNY '70's Soft Rock

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All composition, performance, and engineering by John, except as noted below.


These songs were recorded in the early '70's when John lived on Martha's Vineyard. The songs are soft-rock with an emphasis on melody, lyrics, and up-front vocals. John performs on all instruments and vocals except where noted below. The songs were recorded in his home studio on a 4-track Teac with no sophisticated gear, just a microphone and a vintage spring reverb, although they were re-mastered in 2018 by John using modern equipment. By bouncing, he was able to get up to 7 tracks of music or vocals, in stereo, mixing on the fly. This was the last of the Teac recordings; soon after this period John opened his 16-track pro studio in New York City, where his next 3 New-Wave albums were recorded.

John performs on guitar, bass, drums, piano, lead and background vocals and the legendary Arp Odyssey Synth. No drum machines used.

Joining John:
FLOW ON: Charles Esposito on Arp Odyssey Synth Bass.
RACHEL: Tim Maxwell, Duane Giesman, C. Esposito on backing vocals. C. Esposito, piano; D. Guisman, drums.