FEVER Electronic music and songs

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All composition, performance, and engineering by John, except Fever written by J. Davenport / E. Cooley


This album, completed in 1984, was the last of the three New Wave albums John recorded at his 16-track pro recording studio in NYC. After that, John felt a completion with artistic activity for a while and focused entirely on psychological/introspective research, which culminated with the release of his Emotional Clearing book in 1993 and the beginning of a new career direction.

The FEVER album was significant for John because it represented moving forward as an artist. John felt drawn to the emerging musical world of electronic instruments, with their stunning and unique range of sounds. He left behind the guitar as his main instrument, and from this period forward, all his compositions have been keyboard-synthesizer based.

This album was created entirely on the legendary Oberheim OB-8, inclulding all percussion, except for a drum machine used on JUST IN STYLE.

Most of these pieces are instrumentals, as John experimented with making his music more "arty." At the same time, however, he tried to move into more commercial directions with his cover of the classic Fever, in response to repeated feedback from record companies that his music was too "esoteric" for most folks. Fever was almost picked up and released by Arista, but not quite.