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All composition by John. John plays all instruments except: Billy P guitar solo on TO BE ME; Kim Oler acoustic bass, piano on LIFE IS GROOVY. All vocals by John.


John started out in Folk music, learning from Dylan, PPM, and all the others of that fabulous era. Some years later, he branched out into the interesting experimental phase represented by this album, featuring acoustic and non-distorted electric guitar, complex major and minor seventh chord progressions, and soft jazz rythems.

John recorded these songs on a Teac 4-track tape recorder in his infamous converted chicken-coop music studio on an abandoned farm on Martha's Vineyard, his home in the '70's.

He was able to get up to 10 or more tracks recorded per song by carefully bouncing tracks down to a single track on the Teac, then recording and bouncing again. Mixing was done on the fly.