John Ruskan is an American New York based singer-songwriter / multi-instrumentalist. His music can be described as: Electronic-acoustic, ambient-groove downtempo for deep trance listening.

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vA Secret World

Evocative down-tempo mood excursions with lush, striking electronic and acoustic sounds, trance-inducing rythms, and raw insightful lyrics that address issues of modern times.

65:34 min.


vBurning Karma

Honoring Adversity In Order To Exhaust Negative Inner Energies

DISC I The Struggle is a song-based, provocative, consciousness-raising dramatization of the challenges, doubts, and pitfalls that may be encountered on the journey.
58:48 min.

DISC II The Transcendence consists of soft instrumental ambient pieces.
47:19 min.



Day By Day

An evocative down-tempo song-based album that contrasts dark personal snapshots of the journey with innovative ethereal electronic textures, individualistic acoustic piano, and intricate post trip-hop rhythms.

59:09 min.




The Secret Pattern of Things

Ambient deep groove mood music with pulsing yet understated rhythm, a compelling body sense, and a rich spectrum of striking electronic instrumentation with sparse vocals.
50:12 min.




Dark down-tempo songs with incisive introspective angst, get-under-your-skin melodic hooks, transporting electronic textures and loops, and reality-shifting hypnotic rhythms.

54:54 min.




Desert Dawn

Abstract ambient electronic/acoustic quiet music for deep relaxation and going inside, without rhythm or vocals. Lush repeating loops, electronic washes and drones.
75:00 min.  




New-wave electronic art-rock created entirely on the legendary Oberheim OB-8. Arty instrumental pieces contrasted with John's blazing interpretation of the classic Fever.

59:10 min.



I Am A Model

New-wave art-rock with driving yet restrained grooves and radical electronic landscapes created with guitar and the classic Arp Odyssey synth - intelligent, sensitive, conceptual, sensual.

45:40 min.



It's Just In Style

New-wave rock that captures the exuberance and experimentation of the early eighties. Guitar and synth based songs. The beginnings of John's unique musical style which has evolved into the present.

51:00 min.




Early work: Folk-jazz songs with bouncy acoustic guitar, romantic but sometimes cynical lyrics, and soft evocative moods.

48:00 min.