The boys are singing for the last time
The songs are going to be sad
They’re playing with those words that don’t rhyme
And it just keeps on sounding bad
It looks like it’s going to last forever
But somehow it’s going to be all right
I know it’s just around the corner
This feeling I’ve kept away all night
It’s So Long
I wonder if we will be sorry
That we didn’t even try
I feel like laying down and crying
Maybe that would get me by
It’s really nothing that will matter
I threw it all away today
I said I didn’t want the worry
And they could have it back their way
It’s So Long
The music’s playing for the last time
You know it’s going to be sad
It’s talking to you from your bedside
It’s going to rip your heart in half



I see myself inside the picture frame
It shows the parts I try to hide
Echoes escape from distant memories
Fragments from a restless mind
Leave me Shattered
They wander aimlessly from room to room
Chaos and distress permeate
I wonder exactly who she is
And why she’s drawn to associate
I’m Shattered







You smile, you are an angel
I hide, I am unable
We go, through the motions
Drifting into the ocean
You call, you are distressful
I fail, I can’t be helpful
We go, towards each other
Living to be lovers
You Say, you are the answer
I should love you forever
We go, out in the open
Drifting into the ocean





I wake up early all alone
I check the message on the phone
Day By Day
I pull myself together and
Remind myself to call that friend
I’m sort of edgy and insecure
I hear about things but I can’t be sure
I can’t be certain if I’m right
But maybe something’s on your mind, tonight
I decide to go for coffee now
To sit alone amongst the crowd
Day By Day
I read a paper lying there
It’s full of news but I don’t care
I watch the people as they meet
I know about things but I cannot speak
I tell you that I’m feeling fine
You look at me like it’s just a lie
The day goes by, I work till eight
I didn’t want to work so late
Day By Day
Turn on the screen, the blues and greens
I watch until it’s time to sleep
I fall down dead like some kind of fool
I see you there but I can’t be cool
You want to talk, to understand
You tell me I’m the only man
Day By Day



You can be certain there is a problem
The emotions I feel are too far gone
I cannot believe what is happening to me
I cannot believe I have been so wrong
The Emotions I Feel
The emotions are real
The higher energy experience happened again last night
Out onto a new level of existence, feeling, and
expression – a quantum jump above the usual. It’s as if
the vibration is turned up an octave, to a range where
we don’t usually pay attention. Everything is much
quicker. It’s euphoric, a kind of giddiness, a convulsive laughing jag far beyond the heaviness of ordinary life. It seemed closer than other times, as if it might not be so
hard to get back to.
I am a sculptor working with water
Molding it with my every thought
Swirling solutions trembling lightly
Bringing me home to what I’ve lost
The Emotions I Feel
The emotions are real
The higher energy experience happened again last night











You want nothing but harmony, while I like the bitter truth
You give out your sympathy, I am cool and aloof
You are busy with activity, but I have plenty of time
You say friendship without need, but your needs aren’t deep as mine
But Isn’t It Strange, it feels so strange
That we go on, just the same
Isn’t It Strange, it seems so strange
That in spite of it all, there’s no one to blame
I’m just another new person for you, when I’ve been alone for a while
Take me inside, allow me to hide, let me become part of you
We look out on a cold cold world while they don’t even know we exist
We together, alone united, and they the other persist
But Isn’t It Strange, it feels so strange
That life goes on, always the same
Isn’t It Strange, it seems so strange
That in spite of it all, nothing is changed



Sing the song bluebird
Never more a token of
Relay the intent
Backward homespun
Is the phone going to ring
Cough sneeze blow out smoke
Part the drapes
Outside is cold
Snow in L.A.
The intense wavering of the poppies
Left me feeling ill at ease
Let soup equal bread
Tangent plus sine never mind
It’s all academic
Too fruity too loose the goose
I’ll leave when the crow flies towards the sun
Don’t you see it can’t be real
They’re only pretending to like you
Follow me up that hilltop where I
parked my car last night I think
It’s the dark dirty one with no horn
Symphony sympathy
It’s all the same when you can’t
get the record going
The light from your camera hurts my toes
But don’t stop telling me you care
I need a Fast food something soon
I need to stand in line and
Order from a high school dropout
I need to carry my food through the crowd
To a messy table and sit next to a family
I need to be part of
Or maybe just move on down the highway to the mall



I, I never want to take a chance
Instead, I’m the victim of circumstance
I work all day, I’m tired when I’m through
I’d like to rest, I’ve got more to do
It’s the modern plan, of the modern man
The Modern Plan
I, I should be out having fun
Instead, it feels like I’m on the run
I live alone, stay up late at night
A couple of friends, it’s the independent life
It’s black and white, the typical plight
The Modern Plan
Look, I’ll tell you of my inspiration
Will, will it make a real sensation
I disconnect, I do it now
They tell you of success, but they don’t tell how
It’s the modern scene, with it’s modern schemes
The Modern Plan





What would it take to make me come back again? They say you don’t return except by choice. So, there I am, I’ve passed over into the Next Life, and about five centuries Earth time have gone by. It’s been wonderful, but now I’m getting restless, and some work needs to be done again. But I don’t have to go back unless I want to, unless something is promised me that I want to have. What would that be? If I could be David Bowie, would I take it? Or is it something much simpler?
It’s dream-time,
A fire-fly world.
Multi-dimensional softness
to caress your soul
You rest easy,
being held.
Eons pass,
But it’s all here now
Then, tender machinery nudges you
Desire, the desire,
your old companion desire
smiles at you again, and you
There’s something you need to do

(Mac computer voice)


All songs written by John Ruskan © 2005 Lost Count Music
Day By Day © 2005 Twenty-Two Records.
All Rights Reserved.